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We currently have no vicar, but you can telephone David or Sandra Green on 01296 668648.

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14 thoughts on “How to Contact Us

  1. Dear Rev Manning.
    My grandfather Robert Edward Parry died in 1940 and was buried in the church yard at St Mary’s.
    Last year I visited but was unable to find his grave.I was wondering if there are any records that might indicate where my grand father was laid to rest.

    I would be most grateful for any help. Thank you.

    Kay Martin


  2. Dear Rev Manning,
    Thank you so very much for finding out where my Aunt’s remains were interred. It means so much to myself and my Mother to finally find out. We shall indeed be visiting the churchyard in the very near future and will spend some time with her and tidy the plot. Once again thank you for your kindness.



  3. Dear Rev. Manning, My maternal aunt, Hazel Mary Willmore died in 1976, she was cremated and her ashes interred in the churchyard at St Mary’s in an unmarked plot. Although my mother visited the church soon after the event she cannot remember the precise location. We would be extremely grateful if you could let us know if there are any records of the churchyard and plots that we would be able to access to find her resting place. Thank you.

    Angela Cussell


    1. We do have a record of the location. They are in the area used for cremations at the bottom of the church yard. They were buried in a plot against the boundary wall to the left of those of one Richard Jellis. I will email you a photograph of the spot.


  4. Hello Adrian,
    I had forgotten where I had left my message to you. I was thinking about her today and tried FB again and there was your reply. Thank you for taking the time to get back to me, even though it’s with sad news about Jane. She was a lovely character. She knew what was happening in and around the village but not many people knew what Jane herself was up to 🙂 I visited her in the shop with my parents and siblings and she made a big fuss over us all. The connection with Jane was through May Simmons (sorry that might not be the correct spelling) My Dad and Mum were evacuated to Ivinghoe as children. My Dad lived with May and Ted (brother and sister) just over the road from the church in what used to be a pub.
    Then when May became I’ll and spent time in hospital, she converlessed with us in Wallington where sadly she passed away. Many years ago.
    Jane used to keep a friendly caring watch over May while she lived alone until eventually she came to lived her remaining days in our family.
    I will try and see if I can get the article written about Jane from the net.
    I’m not sure if my brother still has pictures of the people I have mentioned but if he does do you know of anyone who might be interested in having them?
    King Regards


  5. Hello Revd Adrian,
    I wonder if you could help me. I would like to find out if Miss Jane Elliott is still living in the village. I know her through my parents. My Dad was evacuated to Ivinghoe during the war, he as a teenager and he lived with May Simmons and her brother Ted. Then many years later he got to know Jane Her first name was Rosemary but no one called her that. Years ago she ran the shop just over the road from the church, past The Kings Head. Any information would be appreciated.
    Paula Bown


    1. Dear Paula,
      Sadly Jane died earlier this year, at the end of January. She lived a fiercely independent life but in later years, after the shop closed, became reclusive. She rarely emerged from the shop and indeed largely lived in one room upstairs. Her funeral was held in St Mary’s Church, Ivinghoe where she is buried, This occasion was well attended by many from the village who had fond memories of her and in gratitude for her family’s many years of service to the village in running the shop.
      The Ivinghoe Beacon magazine reviewed her life and local historians have re-constructed her shop in Pitstone museum,

      Best wishes,


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