Ivinghoe Bells

The church building dates back to around 1230, but the tower itself was not completed until after 1400.

The earliest record we have for the bells is from an inventory record dated July 1552, which lists 5 bells and a Sanctus bell.

Since 1591 they were tuned or recast some 5 times, until 1875 when the present ring of 6 bells was installed, these were all cast by John Warner & Sons of Cripplegate London, who ceased business in 1924.

These replaced the 5 larger bells, the only record of which was the tenor bell, dated 1628.

This is probably when the present 17th century oak frame was installed.

The ringing chamber on the first floor was added in 1848 when the present clock was installed, both given to the church by Lady Brownlow of the Ashridge estate, who also built the local school and had the east window glazed in memory of her husband.

Before that, from 1819, the bells were rung from the ground floor where the altar is now, and this replaced a 1637 temporary ringing floor hung between the 2 tower arches.

The Sanctus bell is a small bell, which was chimed at the consecration during mass. It called the attention of people at work in the fields or town to what was happening in the service, enabling them to stop and pray for a moment.

During 2005 all the old and worn out parts were replaced with second hand spares from Aston Clinton Church. This included the bearings, wheels and pulley boxes.

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